Funded Places

In September 2017 the government implemented a change in the funding offered to 3 and 4 year olds of working parents across the country. There are currently 3 options of funding (FF2, universal and extended).  In some cases the nursery may also be able to apply for EYPP (Early Years Pupil Premium) which provides extra funding for resources and experiences. 

More information on funding available can be found here 

The government childcare calculator can be accessed here

 FF2 Funding (Free For Two)

Who qualifies for FF2 (Free For 2) funding?

The scheme is currently available to 2 year olds:

If your child is eligible, the free hours start in the term after their second birthday.

Check Eligibility for FF2 Funding

 Who qualifies for The Working Families Entitlement for 2 year olds?

To apply each parent needs to be working and earning the equivalent of 16 hours a week at national minimum or living wage and under £100,000 adjusted net income per year. This means that each parents need to earn from just over £8,600 per year to be eligible for 15 hours a week of childcare during term time.

Once confirmed as eligible HMRC will issue an 11 digit eligibility code per child. Parents will need to take the eligibility code to their chosen provider to secure a funded place.

Childcare Choices

Apply for 2 year old funding

Who qualifies for 15 hours (Universal) funding?

All children aged 3 and 4 years are eligible for 15 hours of government funded childcare for 38 weeks of the year (570 hours).  The funding begins for each child the term after they turn 3 years old.

The setting can claim this on your behalf, once a completed parental declaration is completed


Who qualifies for The Working Families Entitlement for 3&4 year olds?

The government has developed an eligibility checker for parents to register and enter their personal details, you will then receive confirmation of eligibility. 

All eligible parents will then receive an 11 digit code that they must share with their chosen childcare setting. The funding can be used at up to TWO different settings.


If you think you are eligible for the 30 hours funding, please apply as soon as is possible using the HMRC website

Apply for Extended Funding


Who qualifies for EYPP funding?


Did you know your childcare provider may be entitled to £302 additional funding to further support the education of your child?

If your child is three or four years old, childcare providers can claim up to £302 per year to spend on enriching your child’s education.

The funding is called Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP).

How this could help your child? It will help your child to: 

If you are claiming one of the following benefits or credits, your provider may be able to claim additional funding for your child: 

EYPP may also be paid for children who meet the following criteria: 

Children must receive free early education in order to attract EYPP funding. They do not have to take up the full 570 hours of early education they are entitled to in order to get EYPP.